11.1)   By 2030, ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services, and upgrade slums

Mahindra Rural Housing Finance teamed up with Business Call to Action in 2012 to help provide home loans to under-served rural and semi-urban consumers in India. Mahindra has designed home loans specifically for rural customers. Interest rates are fixed rather than variable, which makes them easy to understand, and loans are coupled with life and property insurance. Moreover, Mahindra provides customers advice on how to approach the local government to acquire documentation and even accompanies customers in order to guide them through the process. Mahindra is also committed to hiring and training personnel from rural areas of India, creating job opportunities. In 2014-2015, Mahindra served more than 81,000 new customers, 75 percent of co-applicants being women.  And since 2007, Mahindra has provided over 250,000 home loans in rural India. As of March 2014, it had also created more than 3,000 jobs. Mahindra estimates that its loans have benefited more than 1 million people. These loans have allowed 25 percent of clients to provide proper sanitation facilities in their homes, improving the health and wellbeing of their families. Women are particularly empowered by their inclusion as co-applicants for loans. Mahindra will continue to expand operations in the current States where it operates while also looking at expanding operations to new States depending on their potential for rural housing finance.