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As an Official Action Network for Sustainable Development Partnerships at the United Nations, we can only accept submissions that follow UN guidelines, i.e., that are S.M.A.R.T.:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resource-based (financial, in-kind, technical expertise, etc) and with Time-bound Deliverables.

More specifically, Business for 2030 requires that your submission:

  1. Relate to the Sustainable Development Goals at the target level.  Your submission should describe either:  (1) core business operational activities or (2) philanthropic or volunteer initiatives that directly relate to one or more Sustainable Development Goals, preferably at the target level.

  2. Describe completed projects or activities on the way to completion - no hopeful and vague commitments, only action.  Your submission should describe specific activities that have already been completed or are underway and have resources being devoted to them. Ambitious goals are great, but they have to also fulfill the SMART criteria above.

  3. Contain measurable efforts and outcomes (and preferably development impacts as well).  Your submission should describe activities that have measurable efforts and outcomes (money contributed, jobs created, volunteer hours committed, individuals affected, capacity and resources created, etc) and preferably impact on sustainable development through quantitative metrics, however basic they may be.

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Editorial expectations and control:  Business for 2030 expects submissions to be true and accurate, but takes no responsibility for the veracity of statements made by third-parties that are aggregated on the site. We and our partners at the United Nations reserve the right to refuse any submissions made and to make edits to submissions in consultation with the proponent of the initiative, although Business for 2030 reserves final editorial control over all content on the website, excluding content found on external links.