6.1)   By 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all

Partnering for impact is at the heart of Novozymes’ strategy, and the company understands the need for collaboration to meet the UN SDGs. To encourage a collaborative approach around the SDGs with technology and knowledge freely being shared to solve big problems, Novozymes has created HelloScience. HelloScience is a digital open innovation and collaboration platform. The platform’s purpose is to facilitate collaboration and accelerate innovation with the SDGs as an overarching framework - and SDG6 is currently particularly in focus.

HelloScience was launched in September 2017 and has facilitated over 200 collaboration conversations between users from across 5 continents. It managed to attract more than 500 platform users in 6 months. The platform has 5 water challenges related to SDG6, to encourage meaningful collaboration and innovation. HelloScience is also embracing SDG17 Partnership for the Goals, by partnering with for example UNICEF and Grundfos.

So far, HelloScience has helped 6 collaborators, who have proposed promising solutions to the water challenges, with technology and expert business guidance. The platform is being redeveloped and will be relaunched in summer 2018, coinciding with the UN’s Water Action Decade 2018 - 2028. The relaunch will include a new set of water challenges and a smarter collaboration space. In 2018, HelloScience aims to initiate 3 impactful open innovation projects around SDG6.