USCIB CEO in Rome to Promote Nutrition Partnerships

The USCIB Foundation and Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) leads nutrition dialogue.

Nutrition SDG 2.jpg

With the future of food continuing to be a pressing global challenge and malnutrition profoundly affecting every country, The USCIB Foundation is once again teaming up with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) to organize a public-private partnerships dialogue to tackle malnutrition.

The November 8-9 dialogue, taking place in Rome, is a second in a series and will build on last year’s event in New York. USCIB CEO and President Peter Robinson will participate in the event alongside Vice President for Product Policy and Innovation Mike Michener. Robinson will speak at the opening session and take part in a fireside chat conversation with GAIN Executive Director Lawrence Haddad, who is the recent winner of the 2018 World Food Prize.

This year’s event will have the theme of “Together for Nutrition: applying principles for public-private engagement.” The high-level dialogue will explore practical and tangible ways to implement and scale coordinated initiatives to put the draft Principles, that were agreed upon last year, into practice. The program will focus on both under-nutrition and the rise of overweight and obesity, as well as the associated diet related non-communicable diseases.

Leaders of governments, development agencies, and the private sector from a wide range of countries, with a particular focus on developing countries with high burdens of malnutrition, will participate in the dialogue.

“Global food and agriculture constitute a US$7.8 trillion industry, employing up to 40 percent of the working population in many countries yet progress towards the ambitious 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is too slow and the scale and complexity of the problem underscores the need for deepened collaboration and renewed commitment to improving nutrition outcomes for all, especially the most vulnerable,” said Michener, who leads USCIB’s work on healthcare as well as  food and agriculture policy. “Countries cannot achieve their SDG goals without an aligned, motivated and incentivized private sector as a key partner.”

In this context, improved dialogue and collaboration between government, business, civil society and international organizations is crucial for guiding engagement and focusing efforts where they can have the most sustainable impact and long-term success.

Originally published on USCIB here.