The Business for SDGs Infrastructure Roundtable

Since the global adoption of the U.N. Agenda for 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the international community has turned its attention to implementation, and the resources from governments and business required to set the SDGs into motion. In this regard, a pressing priority across all 17 SDGs is upgrading and building infrastructure for sustainability.

USCIB will host a roundtable on infrastructure for sustainability on Friday, April 21, 8:15 am – 1:30 pm at Covington in Washington D.C. The Roundtable participants will discuss:

  • where and how business is already planning for and investing in infrastructure for sustainability, what are the enabling frameworks, policies and partnerships that can be scaled for impact; 
  • what new sources and approaches exist to mobilize resources and advance bankable projects for sustainability infrastructure; and
  • which indicators to use to measure and report impacts of infrastructure investments by the private sector.

Both “hard” and “soft” forms of infrastructure have also figured prominently in the U.N. Financing for Development (FfD) process. The USCIB Roundtable will immediately precede the FfD Infrastructure Forum, and inform recommendations by USCIB to the U.N. High Level Political Forum meetings in July when they review SDG actions by governments, business and others.

Speakers include:

  • Amb. Lisa Kubiske, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Economics and Business Affairs, US Department of State
  • Albena Melin, Principal Operations Officer, Thought Leadership & Global Engagement, Economics and Private Sector Development, International Finance Corporation
  • Krishan Sharma, Senior Economist, Financing for Development Office, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs
  • Alan P. Larson, Senior International Policy Advisor, Covington

If you would like to receive an official invitation to the Roundtable, please contact Mia Lauter,